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Church Directory

Members can now sync the church’s directory right to an iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, Android device or Kindle Fire!

Members must download the Instant Church Directory Member App first.

To download the app to your Apple device, click here:

To download the app to your Android device, click here:

To download the app to your Kindle Fire, click here:

Once downloaded, enter the email address that is listed for you in your church’s directory. This will generate an email that is sent to with your password.

Enter this password on Step 2 of the app. This will start the first download of the directory. The first time may take a few minutes if you have an especially large church.

About the Online Member Directory

With the NEW Online Member Directory, you can now view our Church Directory from any computer. The Online Member Directory works just like the mobile app, but is viewable online in a browser window such as IE, Firefox and Chrome.

How to access the Online Member Directory