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Monthly Lunch & Learn

The Embracing Diversity Team held a monthly “VIRTUAL Lunch & Learn” via zoom on the first Friday of every month at Noon March 2021 through November  2021. These sessions contained diverse topics that the team felt needed discussing/awareness. 

Below are links to the original videos for the Lunch & Learn sessions that have taken place:

November 5, 2021

Broken Treaties – For thousands of years, more than 60 Native American tribes lived in Oregon’s diverse
 environmental regions. At least 18 languages were spoken across hundreds of villages. This civilizational fabric became unraveled in just a few short decades upon contact with white settlers in the 19th century.
In this “”Oregon Experience”” documentary, Native Oregonians reflect on what has been lost since and what’s next for their tribes

Broken Treaties: full documentary – YouTube

October 1, 2021

A Conversation with Dr. Donna Beegle. President and Founder of Communication Across Barriers,  shares her research and life experience about poverty in America. Dr. Beegle, a product of generational poverty, talks about the stereotypes, the causes, and impact of poverty and the importance of educating others and understanding the issue

Barnes and… A Conversation with Dr. Donna Beegle – YouTube

September 3, 2021

Social Justice: What’s Disability Got to Do With It? (5 videos from the Ford Foundation)

 August 6, 2021

Oregon Synod Land Story (2021) – https://youtu.be/CvV7d03v81c

Making Sense of Place, Portland: Urban Removal in Albina (2020) – https://youtu.be/X8dvqtyu85g

July 2, 2021: Bishop Laurie Larson Caesar Interviews Nura Elmagbari, a Muslim leader in Oregon


June 3, 2021: Oregon’s Japanese Americans: Full Documentary


May 7, 2021: Born Intersex: We are Human!


April 2, 2021: What kindergarteners taught me about gender | Batya Greenwal


March 5, 2021: Oregon’s Black Pioneers